Schedule Analysis

Providing a Fresh Perspective on Schedule Risk and Health

Our schedule analysis solutions provide a fresh perspective in evaluating the viability of your project’s baseline schedule. From executing schedule risk and health assessments to EVM schedule assessments, we have the expertise to identify efficiencies that improve the practical and technical quality of a project plan.

Schedule Risk & Health Assessments

At IMS, our scheduling experts deliver schedule health assessments that enable them to both identify and resolve your project’s schedule risks. We have the right skills and premium partnerships that allow us to assess, analyze, and solve for the gamut of program control and management platforms.

EVM Schedule Assessments

Our scheduling professional can help with your EVM deliverables by performing contract-mandated metric assessments.  Whether it’s a DCMA 14 Point Assessment, DECM Metrics, or any other guidelines in between, we have you covered.

We can offer unrivaled value at every project phase but especially with the following:

  • Program Proposal
  • Program Startup
  • Preparing for an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)
  • Monthly EVM deliverables
  • Any major milestones

At IMS, we can also help with Delay Analysis and Forensic Scheduling to help determine how a schedule went off track and how to efficiently bring it back.

Industry Leading Tools

A few of the industry leading tools that we use and like include:

  • Deltek Acumen Fuse + Risk
  • Barbecana Full Monte
  • forProject Schedule Analyzer
  • Steelray

How We Can Help

In managing project planning and control, it’s essential to successfully analyze the project schedule in the planning stage. When you partner with a time-tested team of scheduling experts, your organization can significantly improve metrics around duration, cost, and risk. 

Our team’s scheduling experts can help you improve your project’s predictability and overall performance. Additionally, our schedule analysis solutions enable project managers to do the following:

  • Assess project schedule quality
  • Improve project delivery
  • Anticipate and resolve scheduling health issues
  • Save time, money, and energy

Contact us today to learn how our Schedule Analysis solutions can improve the probability of a successful outcome for your next project. 

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