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Preventing negative impacts and driving favorable business outcomes

Superior Project Performance

Project-driven organizations rely on optimized project performance to meet their goals. At IMS, we have best-in-class project control professionals with the expertise to help our clients achieve superior project performance. Armed with extensive experience in Government Contracting and Commercial, we know how to work with DOD, DOE, NASA, Agency, Process, Construction, Energy, and Infrastructure with success.

Our advanced competencies allow us to analyze and interpret essential data that enables improved decision making throughout the life cycle of the program. By establishing an executable plan, we support our clients’ need to manage government contracts by preventing negative impacts and driving favorable outcomes.

The Importance of Project Management Controls

From contractual EVMS reporting and compliance with the latest EVMS guidelines all the way through to execution, each step is managed with the proper project controls for your program or organization. We know it’s not about sticking to the original program, but rather serving as the helm of the project so we can continuously adapt, pivot, and charge ahead successfully.

Rely on our experience in ongoing project monitoring,

synthesizing, and advising to help meet your program objectives.

When you pair our data-driven professionals with the right tool sets, we become a uniquely qualified partner to identify and control risk identification and allocation factors in your organization’s project financing structure. With forward-thinking forecasting methodologies and powerful software, our project controls solutions can mitigate risks and challenges, make sense of unlocked insights, and trigger production action on the part of the team.

Our Solutions – Top Benefits of Project Controls

  • Improved owner control of project outcomes
  • Reduced costs and timeline disruptions
  • Reliable, transparent forecasting and reporting
  • Greater understanding of what and how to get things done
  • Enhanced communication among project team

How We Can Help

Our highly-skilled professionals are industry-leading experts in gathering and managing the data you need to productively forecast, understand, and impact program outcomes. Contact us today to learn how our project controls solutions can provide required benefits to your project’s cost, timeline, and performance.

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