Planning and Scheduling

Controlling, tracking, and monitoring complex projects so you can achieve your project objectives

What is Project Planning and Scheduling?

Project planning and scheduling involves designing customized end-to-end roadmaps of tasks, resources, and dependencies required to efficiently execute a project. From the time stakeholders provide approval to a project’s closeout, this process improves transparency, gets ahead of constraints, ensures compliance, and empowers autonomous resources — the lifeblood of your project.

Critical Components

From inception to completion, planning and scheduling are critical components of effective project management. Backed by the entire Intra Management Solutions team, our experienced experts establish pragmatic strategies that help clearly document how a project will be successfully executed, supervised, controlled, and completed.

We have time-tested experience in seamlessly embedding our highly-skilled people into your project team. Armed with up-to-date insights on standards and guidelines, our expert planners and schedulers will help you save time, energy, and money throughout the life cycle of your next complex project.

In utilizing key tools for planning and scheduling, such as Gantt Charts, Critical Path Method, and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), we share our advanced expertise to meet your team’s planning and scheduling needs.

Our Solutions

At IMS, we have real-world planning and scheduling experience with both small and large complex projects. Our seasoned experts apply methodologies that are tailored to the unique needs of your project, whether it’s associated with construction, development or production.

After we break down your project scope into a fully integrated schedule, we’ll ensure you have the appropriate vertical and horizontal integration needed to establish an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)

We’ll support its integration into an Integrated Master Plan (IMP) if your contract requires it. As an added benefit to our customers, Intra Management Solutions will continue to support your project well after the initial baseline is established. During our time on-site, our schedulers can work with your resources on short working sessions or training to ensure they understand the best practices needed for success.

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